What You Need for a Tractor Driving Job

What You Need for a Tractor Driving Job

Whether you’re fresh out of school or looking for a change of scenery, then consider working on a farm as a tractor driver! Working as a tractor driver allows you to learn new skills, work among the best farms in the country, and make life-long friends.

The best part is that tractor driving jobs are in abundance throughout the country. So if you’re wanting to make money while helping our thriving agricultural industry, then read on to learn what you need for a tractor driving job.

Get Your Licence

To drive a tractor, you need to have a legal licence to drive. This includes if you have a car learner permit or probationary licence.

If you’re an L-plater, then you’re in luck! According to VicRoads, you can drive a tractor if it’s being used for various agricultural and horticultural purposes. As part of this, you can also tow a trailer of any size for the same reasons. You also don’t need to show your L-plates when you drive your tractor around.

Similarly, if you’re on a probationary or full licence, you are not restricted in your reasons for driving a tractor. 

But if you’ve moved to Victoria from another state, then you’ll have to follow the learner permit tractor driving rules until you’ve lived in Victoria for three months. After this period, you can then apply for your full licence.

Location, Location, Location

If you’re ready to start your search for tractor driving jobs, then you need to find a farm or orchard that suits what you’re looking for in a job.

For those who want to have a different experience each day, then consider an orchard for your summertime work. A fruit orchard allows you to do a range of activities, such as fruit picking, pruning and tractor driving. It’s also a great chance to work in some of the most beautiful and lush places in the country!

But if you’re wanting to focus more on tractor driving, then opt for farms who are looking for tractor drivers. In these roles, you might be spreading fertiliser throughout the crops or tilling soil.

What Skills Do You Need?

One of the great things about tractor driving jobs, is that you just need a driver’s licence to get started! But if you want to build up your tractor driving skills before you apply, then there are courses you can take to help expand your knowledge.

There are some additional skills that can help give you an advantage when looking for tractor driving jobs. One of these is previous experience in the agricultural and horticultural industry. Having this prior experience demonstrates that you know the ins and outs of what it’s like to work on an orchard or farm. 

Another great skill to have, which may be addressed in a tractor driving course, is having general knowledge about tractor maintenance. This can come in handy if a tractor breaks down, or if the tractor needs a bit of a service. For your employer, this can save them time and money in the long run, as they’ll have you to assist with tractor maintenance rather than having to hire someone to do the work for them.

From a soft skills perspective, you should be a good team player and know how to work well with others. You’ll have to have excellent communication skills, as you’ll most likely be working with on-the-ground fruit pickers or farmers.

Work In The Valley Today

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