What Makes Fruit Picking Better Than Other Harvesting?

What Makes Fruit Picking Better Than Other Harvesting?

When it comes to produce harvesting, there are a variety of options out there. The best known are fruits and vegetables, but harvest plants extend beyond this, including crops such as flowers.

Depending on the company and crop type, some produce can be efficiently harvested with machines or a small group of people using tools. Others, such as fruit picking, are harvested by hand. Fruit farms rely on the speed and care that only a team can complete.

That’s where PickGV comes in. We connect farmers with workers. We cater to people who would like to try farm work Victoria-wide. There is no experience necessary, and it’s a great way to get out in nature and sunshine whilst also earning money.

Types of Harvesting

Harvest plants include fruits such as apples, pears or berries, and vegetables like corn, capsicums, or eggplants. Other edible crops include grains, nuts and herbs. Non-edible harvesting includes medicinal herbs and decorative plants like flowers.

Depending on the specific crop, there are a variety of harvest methods available:

Harvesting by hand

Utilised with fruit picking and other fragile crops, fruit picking is the most accessible way to harvest and great for newcomers. It only requires that you are physically fit and healthy. Can require the use of basic tools like ladders.

 Harvesting with tools

Since the beginnings of agriculture, people have been looking for tools to make the harvesting process easier. Whilst some crop harvesting benefits greatly from tools such as sickles, other harvesting is better done by hand.

Harvesting by machine

Crops such as wheat can be efficiently harvested by large combine harvesters which are operated by a single person.

Different crops need to be harvested at different times throughout the year. For instance, in the Shepparton region, nectarines and peaches are harvested in January, whilst apricots are harvested in late November and December.

Why is Fruit Harvesting Better?

The biggest draw to fruit harvesting is its accessibility. Whilst you need to be physically fit and healthy, our fruit picking requires no experience. Everything you need to know is taught on the job.

Being able to personally touch and feel fruit as you pick it is a great experience. It harkens back to a simpler time before modern electrical equipment. You get to learn and experience firsthand the way that fruit is harvested. It’s always illuminating to learn where your food comes from. You will never look at a piece of fruit the same way again!

There are a variety of additional jobs available at PickGV, such as thinning trees and packing fruit. If you are looking to advance your skill set, some employers will offer training for machinery such as tractors.

Find the Perfect Fruit Picking Job at PickGV

If you are looking for a fruit picking job or would like to learn more, you can contact PickGV today!