What Fruit Picking Job is Best For You?

What Fruit Picking Job is Best For You?

There’s plenty to consider when picking which picker you’d prefer to be.

These include how it pays, how arduous the labour, included accommodation or benefits, and which fruit you like to eat on the job!

Fruit picking jobs can be a great option for backpackers, international students, new migrants, or those looking for some part-time outdoor work.

At PickGV in the Goulburn Valley, we welcome all kinds and offer a range of jobs, including picking, packing, pruning, and driving machinery such as forklifts.

Ultimately, the choice is yours. So, find out below what part of the team might suit you and get in contact to sign up with PickGV.

Pay Arrangements

There’s no shame that pay is an important part in any fruit picker’s preferences – being from one of the few categories mentioned above usually comes with a need to keep food on the table.

So, before you start choosing between apples or oranges, find out how different orchards are paying and narrow things down.

Some businesses will pay you hourly and accept you might bruise the odd fruit, while others will pay per punnet packed, for example. This rewards you for your hard work but may also disadvantage the older or less able picker.

While considering pay arrangements, also enquire about the orchard’s work hours. How many will be expected of you? What time of day will they be? Will you get many breaks? Depending on your life outside of work, this will impact your decision immensely.

At PickGV, for example, we can be up as early as 6:30am and can knock-off from 2pm to 5pm depending on weather. We also offer both kinds of pay arrangements in line with the Australian Government’s Horticulture Award.

Physical Demands

Most fruit picking jobs involve frequent climbing of ladders, bending and picking fruit so you should expect to meet these physical demands.

Of course, there are machine operator jobs where you could be sitting down more often, but even these will likely involve occasional manual labour.

Fruit picking also exposes staff to some harmful insects and spiders. Your employer will be required to provide appropriate protective equipment such as gloves and bug spray, but you should be aware of the animals’ proximity before signing up.

If you are allergic or have a phobia, consider packing your required medicine or steering clear of such outdoors work.


Some farms do offer on-site accommodation while others aren’t too far from their local town. After all, a farm located too far from any town will lead to over-priced produce, so a bed for the night shouldn’t be too far away.

A few of PickGV’s farms around the Greater Shepparton Area do offer accommodation, while others are a maximum of 20–30-minute bus rides from the town.

Free* Fruit!

And the point we’ve all been waiting for, some farms will allow their staff to snack on some of the freshest fruit you can find. Australia and more specifically Victoria boasts a wide range of fruits such as apples, nectarines picking, apricots, cherries & pears picking.

Of course, you will be working for your keep, so the fruit isn’t technically free. But what could be better than munching into the fruits of your labour on the job in the glorious Victorian sunshine?

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Keep active and work in the beautiful countryside, soaking up the fresh air and warm sunshine. Seasonal fruit picking in Goulburn Valley is great for making new friends, keeping fit and earning some good cash. Interested? Visit our website today to learn more!