The Rewards of Harvest Work

The Rewards of Harvest Work

For a fruit picker, money really does grow on trees.

With various seasonal jobs available across the “fruit bowl” of Australia, fruit picking jobs are a unique position where you get to experience a different side of the country from most travellers. While some people turn away from fruit picking because of its labour-intensive nature, there are many more positive sides to this coin, including cultural and social growth, a great work/life balance and more ability to explore the Victorian countryside.

Experience a Unique Work Environment

Fruit picking isn’t a solitary job or one where you have to sit at a desk for hours on end. So, season farm work is the way to go for travellers who want to make authentic connections and expand their cultural insight while earning money during their travels.

While the work may be more physically demanding than other typical jobs, pickers experience a better work/life balance, which means more time to travel the surrounding area and enjoy countryside life.

Grow Socially and Culturally

With no experience needed, fruit picking is often the first option for those that want to experience something outside of city life. All fruit pickers are provided with a couple of days of training to work with their harvest group on the field confidently. As well as accommodation, you’ll also be able to closely connect with your team of 20-25 other pickers, cooking, eating and drinking together, gaining life-long friendships.

Stay Fit and Healthy Surrounded by Gorgeous Scenery

Of course, if you’ll be working outside all day every day, then there will be various mental and physical perks for pickers. You’ll find a motivation to keep active while basking in the sun and local scenery throughout your working days, which most will agree is better than being stuck inside all day. While there may be no customers to interact with on a farm, you’ll have your own little team around you to talk to and learn from, expanding your cultural understandings and mindset along the way.

Find the Perfect Fruit Picking Job at Pick GV

Fruit picking can be gratifying work, with opportunities to learn new skills while socialising with a range of people from different areas. If you’re prepared to work hard and follow the work around the country, you can make great money while seeing the parts of the countryside outside of regular tourist tours.

If you’re interested in taking on a fruit picking job this harvest season or want to learn more about fruit picking roles across the Goulburn Valley region, make sure to visit our website today.