Pick GV Onsite

Pick GV Onsite

Pick Goulburn Valley

Fruit growers across the Goulburn Valley region have had a challenging year, with COVID-19 having a severe impact on all areas of their industry.

During the pandemic, the closure of international borders wrought havoc on Victorian fruit growers, who depend on thousands of international workers each year to pick their produce. Pick GV works to support the farming industry, finding workers who will help ensure the ongoing supply of fresh produce to Australia and the rest of the world, relaxing the significant pressure that has been pushed upon Victorian farmers in the last 18 months. 


Who is Pick GV?

Formally known as ‘Pick Shepp’, Pick GV is a Regional Recovery fund created to help find local solutions for local growers.

This relief program has attracted seasonal workers from around Australia to harvest and support Aussie farmers. Since the initial launch of Pick GV back in December of 2020, this program has partnered with organisations in the wider region, extending to the Greater Shepparton City Council, Cobram, and the District Fruit Growers Association.


Why We Aim To Do

Pick GV works through a strategic and comprehensive plan that provides support for the massive workload famers are experiencing while providing work to job seekers across the state. 

Using online and social media advertising as well TV and radio campaigns, Pick GV has been working to demonstrate what the Goulburn Valley has to offer and why the opportunities offered by our Pick GV program should be jumped upon. 

The Pick GV project includes training resources to help increase farming safety for new and experienced fruit pickers, ensuring the best opportunities are given to those who have proven their skills. 

Pick GV also offers a comprehensive management platform that keeps a record of your training, past work experience, and current work locations on a safe platform that you can easily access. This platform works for both prospective and qualified fruit pickers, making transfer and possibility of work at interstate farms easy. 


The Value of These Opportunities for Fruit Pickers

Regional Victoria is one of the largest fruit-producing regions in Australia, with over 150 fruit farms operating in 2019. With significant demand for workers, there are countless opportunities for seasonal and ongoing work across the nation. Pick GV focuses on providing these opportunities, with training and guaranteed employment to job seekers and those in need of work. 

“If a job seeker can pick fruit, they are almost guaranteed ongoing farm work as they have proven their abilities and that they have the right aptitude for farm work.” Cr O’Keeffe, Greater Shepparton City Council Mayor Councillor.

Fruit picking isn’t just for backpackers; it can offer a range of new skills and connections to be made with other workers. With demand for fruit pickers across the state growing, hundreds of people are now being offered a chance to earn good money and have a summer experience like no other.