Importance of Understanding Different Fruit Picking Seasons

Importance of Understanding Different Fruit Picking Seasons

Getting ready for your working holiday requires detailed planning, especially when it comes to fruit picking jobs. One of these things is understanding the nuances of different fruit picking seasons.

While there are some areas of Australia that offer year-round fruit picking, some places thrive at key times of the year. This, in turn, can influence different aspects of your working holiday and the preparation you need to undertake before you travel to Australia.

So, whether you’re investigating fruit picking jobs or tractor driving work, read on to discover the importance of understanding the different fruit picking seasons.

Know the Weather Conditions

Certain parts of Australia are known for extreme weather conditions, and this can factor into your working holiday plans.

Working out which areas of Australia will be extremely hot or cold and when can influence your travel plans.

Simply put, you’ll be weighing up if you want to work in some dreary, cold conditions during the winter or in the searing heat during summer.

Alternatively, there are pockets of this far-reaching country that fall somewhere in between and offer manageable conditions year-round.

Of course, autumn and spring are a good middle-ground in terms of weather. But given the temperamental nature of our current climate, it’s not guaranteed that these seasons will be a good in-between in regards to the weather.

By researching the seasonal changes, you can plan your working holiday around the weather you want to work in, rather than get caught off guard when the seasons change.

Gearing Up For Your Fruit Picking

Understanding which fruit picking season you want to work in can influence the type of gear you might need for your trip. While you can readily purchase equipment for your working holiday while you’re travelling, it’s a good idea to understand what you might need for the type of work you intend to do and when you do it.

For instance, if you decide to work in Victoria during summer, you can plan for a wide-brimmed hat, sunscreen and comfortable shoes for all day cherry picking.

If you’re going through a fruit picking organisation, like PickGV, you can talk to a manager or leader about what you need in the lead up to starting your work. That way, you’ll be well-equipped to start your fruit picking journey right off the bat, rather than coming to an orchard unprepared.

Understand When It’s Peak Season

Another key thing to consider in your planning, is knowing when it’s peak fruit picking season. When it’s peak fruit picking season, workers will flock to farms and orchards in the hopes of securing work.

This means that it might be harder to secure reliable accommodation, given that other fruit pickers might be vying for the same living areas as you.

Having said that, if you research and plan ahead, you’ll have a strong chance to book and secure reliable accommodation for your working holiday.

What Can You Do During Downtime?

While the fruit picking season directly affects your work on the farm or orchard, it can also influence what you do during your downtime.

Some areas might have sites and attractions that are only open during certain periods of the year. Aligning your travel plans with fruit picking seasons means you can maximise your time in certain areas when you’re not working, allowing you to get the best of both worlds during your working holiday.

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