How to Keep Your Body Primed for Picking

How to Keep Your Body Primed for Picking

While doing physical work out in nature has many health benefits, seasonal fruit picking jobs can feel quite strenuous. If you’re not taking care of your body before you get out onto the farm, you can feel quite tired and sore after a day of picking. To help you get primed for the job and feel energised, strong and confident, here are our top tips!

Work on Your Fitness Levels Before the Season Starts

In the weeks or months leading up to your picking season, working on your strength and endurance levels can make picking work easier for you.

Head to the gym and jump on the strength exercise machines, or if you prefer to work out at home, try an online exercise program focused on strengthening your muscles. For picking work, focus on building strength in your legs, core, back, chest and arms. As you do your exercises, make sure you’re practising the correct form to avoid injury. You can ask a trainer at the gym for a demonstration on how to lift properly or find some examples online.

Warm Up Before Work

Throughout your picking season, make sure you do some warmup exercises before every shift. Stretching and relaxing your muscles before undertaking strenuous tasks will help to avoid injury and strain. As well as improving blood circulation and preparing your muscles for physical activity, warm up exercises will help you to pick fruit a lot easier.

As part of your warmup routine, try arm swings, leg swings, torso twists, and side bends, at a gentle pace and in a smooth motion.

Stretch Throughout the Day

While you’re working, don’t forget to take stretch breaks. Since you’ll be carrying lots of fruit, you’ll want to remember to stretch your arms. Stretching for at least 30 seconds each time will help to avoid injury and release any tension that has been building in your muscles throughout the day. Since you’ll be standing and walking most of the time, as well, stretching your legs can help to avoid tension and cramping!

Follow a Healthy Diet

Last, but not least, maintain a healthy diet throughout the picking season to make sure that you’re providing yourself with a good foundation to always feel like your best self. Following a healthy diet will help to support your energy levels and help replenish your hard-working body after every shift.

For a healthy diet, focus on including protein, grains, vegetables and vitamins throughout your three substantial meals a day. Some simple ideas are eggs, oats, lean meat and nut butters such as peanut butter for protein, and filling grains such as rice, wholemeal bread and pasta as a source of carbohydrates. When you can, add vegetables to your meals as a source of vitamins and fiber. For snacks, go for nuts, yogurt, or fruit. Try to avoid eating too many sugary or oily foods, as these types of meals or snacks can make you run out of energy, or ‘burn out,’ quite fast. When fruit picking, this is not what you want!

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