How To Correctly Pick Fruit

How To Correctly Pick Fruit

Are you looking for farms that offer fruit picking Victoria-wide? Well, you have come to the right place. Pick GV offers multiple jobs and opportunities for those who want to work part-time or even full-time. Fruit picking or packing jobs are not that hard. However, you still need to be careful while picking fruit, so they don’t go bad. Want to take up a fruit-picking job but don’t know how to correctly pick fruit? We have got you covered! Here are a few tips on how to correctly pick fruit.


Use a Fruit Picker Basket 

There are so many different types of fruit. Hence, not all fruit can be picked by shaking off the trees. Some require a little force to be separated from the branch. In these cases, go for a fruit picker basket. You can use it to wrap the hook around the fruit’s stem. Giving a little tug will make the fruit fall right into the basket. This way, the fruit comes off easily and you don’t have to spend any extra time collecting the fruit from the ground and putting them in a basket.

Prune Off the Fruit.
Many fruits do not come off merely by pulling. There are handheld pruners available that you can use to pick such fruits. If the fruit is tender and hard to reach, consider investing in pole pruners. The best thing about pole pruners is that they also cut as they hold. This makes one of the best options for the types of fruit that are fragile and soft such as ripe peaches.

Twist and Pull
Apples can be easily picked while pomegranates are hard to pull off. If you don’t have a pruner in sight, the correct way to pick these fruits is by grabbing them and twisting them until they are free from the tree. While you twist the fruit, the stem is separated. When you pull off the fruit, make sure the stem is intact. The fruit can start to go bad once the stem is not there anymore so you will need to pay extra attention while trying the twist and pull method.

Inspect the Fruits
While there are multiple ways to pick fruit correctly, there is little information out there on what to do after. We believe the correct method is to inspect the fruits after picking them. Pick the bad ones and separate them for compost. Store the good ones in the basket and you are good to go.

Now that you know how to pick fruits, are you interested in fruit picking and packing? Reach out to Pick GV today!