Fruit Picking: What to Expect

Fruit Picking: What to Expect

Fruit picker jobs are good old-fashioned hard work and an excellent opportunity to have a working holiday, make an honest living and meet people from diverse backgrounds. With various orchards and farms to choose from, the options in the Goulburn area are limitless, with the “fruit bowl” of Australia offering a great experience for international and national residents.

Working Conditions

Most fruit pickers will need a hard-working attitude to keep up with the high production demands required to keep up with the country’s fresh produce needs. Unless you’re employed as a manager or you have a special license for forklift operation or applying chemicals, you’ll need to be prepared to learn quickly from your supervisors.

It’s also important to remember that most fruit picking jobs will run throughout summer and the warmer times of the year; with high physical demands, it’s essential to understand that the work will be physically demanding and entirely outdoors (unless you work as a packer at times).


While most farms offer accommodation, there have been multiple examples of shortages in the previous years due to an influx of workers, which is now being impacted due to covid regulations. While some fruit picking jobs do provide accommodation, if it’s unavailable or inundated, you’ll find a large range of hostels and budget accommodation places in the area, especially if your farm is in an area known for its fruit picking opportunities.


While there is no unique or specified workwear gear needed for fruit picking, it’s crucial that you pack clothing that will cover and protect you from the sun whilst keeping you cool. Long pants and long-sleeved shirts in breathable material are the most suitable; even if you get warm and sweaty, these types of clothing will protect you from scratches from branches or sunburn during the Victorian summer! You’ll also need to wear comfortable closed-in shoes and a wide-brimmed hat.

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Fruit picking can be gratifying work, with opportunities to learn new skills while socialising with a range of people from different areas. If you’re prepared to work hard and follow the work around the country, you can make great money while seeing the parts of the countryside outside of the tourist traps.

If you’re interested in taking on a fruit picking job this harvest season or want to learn more about the different harvest periods across the Goulburn Valley region make sure to visit our website today.