Fruit Picking Jobs in the Winter

Fruit Picking Jobs in the Winter

Fruit Farming Jobs in the Winter

You might hear about fruit picking in winter and think there’s plenty of better, warmer ways to spend your winter while still earning a living in Australia.
But considering how active and fulfilling the farm work Victoria offers can be, your heart and body are sure to feel warm all winter with PickGV.
Fruit picking is a popular option for backpackers and migrants alike as they make their way in Australia. This simple but essential job is frequently a rite of passage for Australia’s new arrivals and entrenches them in the beautiful countryside that Australia and Victoria have to offer.
This blog should help such newcomers to understand what kind of work they can expect in Victorian orchards through the winter months – especially in the pristine Goulburn Valley.
Then, once you’re sold on our fun, farming pastime, visit our homepage to register your interest.

What Fruit Gets Picked in the Winter?

If you choose to brave the cold and pick fruit in winter, you’ll be dealing with apples, oranges, beans & shoots, plus a variety of vegetables.
While picking duties slow down in the depths of winter, you’ll be kept busy at either end of the season.
Brussel sprouts can also be picked in winter and may be spotted across Victoria, but these are more commonly grown in South Australia.

What Other Jobs Need Doing in Winter?

In the very middle of winter, as temperatures plunge and there is little food for trees to turn into fruit, farmers will go to work maintaining their crop to ensure years’ of growth from each tree.
This is one of the most vital parts of running a fruit farm, so be prepared to be put through your paces by managers who need things done to perfection.
Pruning the trees is a key part of maintenance. You’ll be cutting back overgrown branches to make way for new fruit and to improve sunlight and ventilation – both pillars are a strong tree.
This job will involve lifting heavy shears above your head, as well as frequent ladder climbing and removal of branches and leaf litter.
With this in mind, make sure your body is ready for some grunt work at temperatures no higher than about 15°C.

Take Time to Travel Goulburn Valley and Beyond

Once all the fruit has been picked for the winter, and every branch is in its place, you’ll find plenty of time to explore your surroundings in the Goulburn Valley.
This includes quaint farmers markets, fishing, hiking, and enjoying the local football competition.
Don’t let the cold get in the way of a good time – winter is the best time of year to visit the Alpine National Park which lies to the east of the Goulburn region and stretches from Gippsland up towards the Kosciuszko National Park in New South Wales.

Try PickGV

Keep active and work in the beautiful countryside, soaking up the fresh air and sunshine. Seasonal fruit picking in Goulburn Valley is great for making new friends, keeping fit and earning some good cash. Interested? Visit our website today to learn more!