Being a Backpacker and Earning in 88 Days

Being a Backpacker and Earning in 88 Days

If you’re a backpacker who wants to explore the best the Goulburn Valley has to offer, then consider harvest work! From apple picking to pruning trees, there are many work options available for backpackers looking to earn cash on the side while discovering the humble region of the Goulburn Valley in Victoria.

Before you start booking your trip, it’s important to consider how best to maximise your time travelling while working. This blog will cover what you need to know to earn some cash in 88 days, all the while exploring to your heart’s content!

88 Days of Farm Work

The Working Holiday Maker (WHM) program is an Australian Government initiative that allows young adults to have a one-year holiday, where they also do short-term work and/or study.

If you’re already backpacking around Victoria, or any other part of Australia, and want to spend an extra year on your trip, then consider the WHM program.

To be eligible for your WHM application, you need to complete three months, or 88 days, of specific work. This timeframe roughly equates to the three shortest calendar months of the year, which also includes weekends or equivalent rest days during your employment.

For example, you might work a full-time apple picking job five days a week across three months. In this context, once the three months have passed you are then eligible to apply for your second work and holiday visa.

Part of the visa requirement is to work in a specific type of work, which is where the Goulburn Valley comes in.

Harvesting Jobs in Abundance

One of the great things about the Goulburn Valley is the abundance of fruit picking and harvesting jobs that are available year-round. Depending on the season, you might be picking pears and plums from trees, or you might find yourself packing the fruit into punnets and boxes for distribution.

There are many benefits to working as a fruit picker or packer. You get to meet new people who come from different backgrounds and lifestyles, while also learning great new skills you can use for future work elsewhere.

The best part about harvest work is getting to work in lush, verdant surroundings. You’ll get to spend eight hours a day surrounded by picturesque landscapes and immersing yourself in the beauty of nature.

Goulburn Valley Highlights

While you are required to work full-time to be eligible for a second visa, you can spend your weekends and day’s off however you like! The Goulburn Valley is rich with unique attractions and places to spend the day.

For the adventure-seekers, you can spend a day exploring the captivating Wombeyan cave, which has natural structures that date from the early 1900s. You can also spend time in the local woodland areas at the Bungonia National Park!

But if you’re more of a history buff, then you’re in for a real treat. The Goulburn Valley is chock-full of great history attractions, such as the Historic Waterworks, War Memorial and Museum, and the Rail Heritage Centre.

Though if you want a more relaxing day to unwind, then consider the Lerida Estate Winery. You can explore the vineyards, then settle down to enjoy some lunch with a glass of their luxurious wines.

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